“Neighbor is the First Relative “. Actually in Gujarati we are saying that “Pahelo Sago padoshi”. Let me first clarify this sentence.  In the society, I live since my birth I.e. 1985, is a congested. There are 42 raw houses in the area smaller than half of the cricket ground. There is one common wall between the two houses. So, one can easily peek into the neighbor’s home. Even if we talk normally, then also neighbor can hear our conversation without giving special attention. Many of the members of our society can’t live anywhere, other than this society. Or rather I can say, no one other than our society member will accept them. So, there is no any point of Unseen Neighbor in our society.

But, in today’s fast culture, where no one has time for their own family or even for self, no one care about the neighbor. But at our society we do. Still I remember when one of our neighbors was finding a buyer for their house, we, the other society members went to him and urge him to sell the house to a sophisticated family, to whom we can trust.

Because till today, we believe that Dahi only can be made with the yogurt borrowed from the neighbor’s home.  And potato should be borrowed from neighbor’s home only. This is the rules of our society culture.

But now-a-days, the culture is being changed. Everyone wants to live a personal life, means no one wants another person to peek in their life. But really I am feeling it is harmful to our social life. We all are connected to the friends or relatives living thousands of miles away, but we doesn’t know our neighbor, or even we are not trying to get in touch with them. I am writing this because I personally felt this. Several months ago, I went to help my friend in shifting his house holds to the new one at Vadodara. We had transferred all households including refrigerator, wardrobe, bed and many more items to 4th floor. We use both stairs and the lift to shift all the house hold. But I wondered, we took almost 3 hours in shifting and no any single member of the building had open the door to check the activity. Even his future neighbor had also not opened the door once.

What is the meaning of existence of Neighbor, to whom we can’t see? Neighbor culture is almost on the edge of finish line in the city. I will blame social media for the demolition of Neighbor culture. All want to live virtual life. Neighbors are connected to each other, but on the social media. They don’t meet other than any social event. In 90’s when mobile was not in reach of a common man, and so the internet, all were communicated personally.


So, step out of the house, see your neighbor. Talk with them. Don’t ask their WhatsApp number, to be in touch personally forever.