We Are In 21st Century

#EndCastePolitics #21stCentury

India is a Developing country. Most of the developed country constantly keeping eye on India’s Growth. Not to make it grow, but to make hurdles in development. They are doing by the help of our own people. We should know this.

It is as simple as the illustration of bunch of sticks. If it is individual stick, then it is easy for everyone to break it. But if it all are combined, then it’s difficult to break it.
So, we all Indian should be Indian first by putting aside religion and caste.

Be Wise and mature enough to understand the motive of others. Even our century is going to be Adult next year.

Recently a riots in Maharashtra are the politically created. Can you check in your near by area, any DALIT is as aggressive ?

I haven’t seen.

~ Sushant Dhamecha


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