Travel To Travel, Not To Reach At Destination.


Seeing a way of life other than yours, can be a big learning, and it can sometimes lead to transformation within.

              This is the first time I am writing about the travelling. Actually I like it most, even my wife and son also like it. Whenever I put any proposal for travelling to them, they never deny. But some time any how we cannot plan. So, I usually checkout videos on You Tube, where I want to go.  Its my wish to go Ladakh on Enfield once in a life time, but I cannot go due to many reasons. So, I usually stream the travel videos of Ladakh posted by Riders. But, as I like to read and roam virtually in the world of books, I started to find a good book on Ladakh Trip. My choice of book was based on author, that he/she should be Indian. I had shuffled so many titles on Amazon of Indian Author, and Finally I got a book named  “ When The Road Beckons – By Ravi Manoram ( Delhi ) “

                Amazon delivered the same in 2 days without taking delivery charges. From the very next day of receipt of book, I start to read it. Its cover is eye caching, mostly for me because both my desire ( Mountains of Leh-Ladakh and Royal Enfield ) was on the cover page.

                The book is not limited to only a travel diary, it is the mixture of motivation and fiction too. Ravi had a desire to travel to Leh-Ladakh on his Thunder Bird. But his father insist him not to go by bike, rather go through flight. Actually Ravi is very attached to his Thunder Bird, so he wanted to travel along with Thunder Bird. Anyhow his father allows him to go. Then, he got some companions, who also going there by bikes. He needed them because he was going for first time. Even if he is new comer in this kind of adventurous trip, his bike was the heaviest among all of three.

                He has describes his journey in such a way, that one can enjoy virtual trip. He had to face much difficulty in initial day of trip as he was a fresher to the roads and mountains. Many times he left behind from his other two companion, sometimes his bike , sorry  Thunder Bird stuck in Mud, but anyhow he survive. He had not left any single chance to get the detail of the place through which he passed. He was much enthusiastic about the culture, lifestyle, atmosphere of the so called heaven of the India.

                Once he asked the villager that, how you feel about to live a whole life in this heaven like place ? The answer given by the man was a heart touching. He said, “ We don’t have any luxury like the other rich city of India. We don’t have sufficient sources of  entertainment. “  They don’t have any other income sources other than tourism. And in winter when there is a snow fall, we cannot go out of the home. One more incident he mentioned, when he was on the way to Panikhar village mountain hill, he stopped for rest at a local restaurant. He found Maggie and Tea there. When he went to pay, shop keeper asks Rs 15 for Maggie. Even at local restaurant in city, it charges almost Rs.30. It shows the humanity of local people towards the tourist. There are so many experiences he mentioned in his book.

                The Road of mountain makes him learn much more. It learns him to survive, to make trust in self. Main turning point and motivational part of the book starts when he met YOGI ( Buddhist Saint ). Then he decided to go back to Delhi alone. And fortunately he reach successfully Delhi. After coming Delhi, his life had been changed. He became positive, energetic, self believer. And finally became a successful writer.

                I am not able to mention all his adventure in this article. But I assured if you will pick the book, you surely be in love with the book.



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